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About ATI

ATI or AMCO Technology International a subsidiary from AMCO (Alexandria Maritime Consultative Office) which was founded and established in 1978 with +39 years of experience as one of foremost leaders in the sector of Trading and Engineering. ATI the subsidiary from AMCO is a Cairo based company and working in the Light Current and the IT field since 2011, serving in multiple areas, like FA, AC, Networking, Audio Visual, Hospitality, and Software solution.

  • Light current solutions design and consulting.
  • Professionally Trained and Certified Installation and Condiguration Team.
  • Audio Visual Systems Programming.
  • Distribution Team for Multiple Light current systems.
  • Civil and Electric design and commissioning.

Our Services

At ATI or AMCO Technology International, our Direct Sales service is more than just a transaction; it's a personalized client experience. We reach out to clients to understand their unique needs, connecting them with our professional technical team for effective solutions in areas such as Digital Signage, Networking, and more. From identifying the right technology to ensuring satisfaction until the closure of projects and deals, our Direct Sales approach prioritizes the client at every step. Trust in our 39+ years of expertise to provide unmatched service, where your success and satisfaction are our ultimate achievements.
At AMCO Technology International, our Operation Team stands as the technical arm on-site for our clients, offering comprehensive solutions that include installation, commissioning, project management, and technical office services. With a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, we ensure that each phase of your project is handled with precision and tailored to your specific requirements. From setting up advanced Digital Signage to ensuring the optimal function of Networking systems, our technical assets embodies our commitment to quality and efficiency. Leverage our expertise to transform your technological vision into a successful realit
At AMCO Technology International, our Consultation services embodies our role as the technical arm for clients and consultants, particularly in pre-tendering phases. We engage in a collaborative dialogue to deeply understand your specific requirements and challenges. Committed to transparency and integrity, our team ensures the selection of the best-fitting solutions tailored to your needs. Our Consultation service offers a partnership founded on honesty, innovation, and excellence, aligning technology with your goals for a successful outcome.
At AMCO Technology International, our Pre-Sales service is designed to align perfectly with our clients' unique needs. By conducting an effective study of client requirements and communicating with a wide spectrum of vendors, we craft the most suitable solution design. Our strong relationships with vendor partners not only guarantee the best pricing but also ensure that the technology fits seamlessly into your project's goals. From Audio Visual to Light Current solutions, our Pre-Sales service translates into a customized, cost-effective approach, laying the foundation for success and satisfaction in your technological endeavors.
At AMCO Technology International, our Supply Chain service embodies a seamless collaboration with our Client Partners, providing exceptional support through our specialized distribution team. As the sole distributor for LG Professional displays and a distributor for I-PRO CCTV Cameras, we leverage these partnerships to offer a tailored and effective product range. Our experts manage the distribution of these premium products, bundling them to create customized solutions that align with your specific needs. By building an extended business together, we ensure that our Supply Chain service contributes to your success, enhancing your operations with quality and innovation.
At AMCO Technology International, our After Sales Service'is a testament to our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction beyond project delivery. We offer a dedicated service team focused on providing the best quality of service, ensuring effective Service Level Agreement (SLA) handling, and building bridges between clients and vendors. By closely collaborating with vendors, we facilitate seamless warranty utilization, preserving your peace of mind. Our proactive approach in ensuring the uptime of critical projects reflects our deep understanding of your needs. Trust in our After Sales Service to foster a continuous, thriving partnership marked by reliability and excellence.

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