AMCO Technology International (ATI) started at 2011 as a subsidiary from AMCO Holding Company which was found and began operations in 1978. Since then it has developed into a leading trading and engineering company in Egypt. ATI is an Egyptian Company, leading system integrator and Distributor in Digital Signage, Outdoor LED Screens, Video Projection, CCTV, Access Control, Physical Security, Barrier Gates, Passive and Active Networks, IPTV, Video Conference and Data Security with a bud CV of Mega projects references. ATI is LG distributor in professional displays, RBH distributor in Access Control, Hanwha Techwin sub distributor in CCTV. In addition to be accredit and direct reseller and partner to a good portfolio of Class A vendors worldwide like R&M, Draka, Huawei, Cisco, Mitsubishi, Unilumin, Extron, AMX, Televic, QSC, Sony, Honeywell, Pelco, Televis. ATI has the best experts in the information technology field which leads to build a solid strategic relation with different clients due to extending its activities based on relationships with strategic partners. ATI power is in its credibility with the customers employing a customer centric approach. Our business portfolio is formed from our customers’ demands and wish list with continuous updates and enrichment in process to surpass their expectations and their satisfaction.

Why us ?

years of expertise

ATI is an Egyptian Company, leading in light current systems integration by adding a unique value to their business using unique technologies.


what we do

SWOT diagram


  • Resources – more keen to learn and adapt technologies
  • Passion for technology also from top to down
  • have the strength to access the market faster given our size and nature
  • Financial muscles and stability
  • Large secure warehouse.


  • New product/business line in term of distribution
  • Time for staff training and accreditation


  • European Product
  • Well known outside Egypt
  • Opportunities to synergise with others.
  • Change the approaches used in calls for tender – rather than giving priority to lowest priced.
  • Government strategy is picking up on building smart cities which will provide the basis in terms of infrastructure.


  • Product price and market quality awareness
  • Competition with long known products

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